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From best-in class software to retail media strategy, discover how our software and services can elevate your company.
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unea software

Optimize and automate your operations

Simplify operations, unlock new possibilities, and stay ahead in the competitive  landscape
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unea Software: Empower Your Business with tailored Tech

unea "Storefront"
Experience the ease of managing campaign requests between brands and retailers with unea Software's SaaS storefront. Our user-friendly platform provides a centralized hub for seamless collaboration, efficient communication, and streamlined workflow management. Simplify the process and maximize productivity with our intuitive storefront solution.
Tailored tool development
Unlock unlimited possibilities with unea Software's no-code development capabilities. We build custom software solutions for specific use cases that go beyond the out-of-the-box offerings. Seamlessly adapt and tailor our software to meet your unique business needs without the need for extensive coding or development resources.
Brand Solutions
Stay one step ahead with unea Software's innovative solutions tailored specifically for brands. Our dedicated team is developing new software alongside the solutions for retailers to cater to the unique requirements of brands. Harness the power of our specialized software to enhance brand visibility, optimize marketing strategies, and drive brand growth.
Unea Consulting

Boost your monetization business

We help businesses to bring their trade marketing and retail media business to the next level
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Consulting: We solve your retail media and trade marketing pains

Strategic Guidance:
Leverage the expertise to receive strategic guidance tailored to your unique retail media and trade marketing needs. Benefit from our deep industry knowledge and data-driven insights to develop effective strategies, optimize operations, and navigate the complexities of the market with confidence.
Operational Support
We provide operational support to help you build and scale your retail media business. From process optimization to performance measurement, we work alongside your team to identify opportunities for improvement, streamline operations, and enhance efficiency, enabling you to achieve your business objectives more effectively.
Market InsightS & benchmarks
Stay ahead of the competition with our market insights.  Gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics and capitalize on new opportunities to drive growth and maximize your return on investment.
unea Workshops

Building a Strong Foundation

We help businesses understand with basics of a successful retail media strategy
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Our workshops: Introduction into Retail Media 101

Retail Media vs Trade Marketing
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the nuanced differences between retail media and trade marketing in our unea workshops. Explore the unique roles they play within the retail ecosystem and discover how they intersect to drive business success. Dive into real-world case studies, analyze best practices, and uncover strategies to effectively leverage both disciplines for improved customer engagement, increased sales, and enhanced brand visibility.
Products & Monetization
Explore various approaches to product positioning, pricing, and packaging, and learn how to adapt them to your specific market dynamics. Discover innovative monetization models that go beyond traditional methods, and gain insights into maximizing revenue potential while delivering value to both customers and partners.
Target operating model
Develop a robust target operating model designed to optimize your organization's performance in retail media and trade marketing. Explore the essential elements of an effective operating model, including organizational structure, processes, capabilities, and resource allocation. Gain practical insights, industry benchmarks, and actionable frameworks to help you create a tailored operating model that positions your business for long-term success.

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