All-in-one solution for commerce teams to manage and automate trade spend

unea is the first end-to-end platform to manage trade spend and sales activities in the commerce industry.

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The easiest way to manage and steer campaigns

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    Full overview and control of all campaigns in one place
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    Teams can create their own views to only see relevant information
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    Central place to understand availabilities of formats
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    Focus on reaching the partnership’s full potential
No more:
  • Countless Excel files
  • Incomplete information
  • Intransparency

Easily automate your manual & repetitive tasks

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    Create your own automations without any coding
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    Automatically share information across teams
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    Improve communication and collaboration
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    More focus on strategic tasks instead of busy-work
No more:
  • Endless email threads
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Unaligned information

Orchestrate everything in one platform

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    All your workflows, teams, integrations on a customizable platform
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    Managing stakeholders has never been easier or more reliable
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    Automate tasks and streamline orchestration with teams and external agencies
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    Management is automated, work is streamlined
No more:
  • Unhappy stakeholder
  • Missed deadlines
  • Fragmented information
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What industry experts say about unea

unea is a gamechanger for brands and merchants

The software can help sports studios optimize their marketing efforts for brands and suppliers and increase revenues. For the first time ever, unea makes it possible to digitize manage studio advertising spaces in a central place.

unea allows agencies and clients to save a great deal of time in their marketing activities at their various points-of-sale. Thanks to the platform, they can run online and offline campaigns and report on the outcome. This is a completely new opportunity that supports a heightened marketing cooperation between brands and retailers.

unea enables marketers to manage their marketing and sales campaigns with their partners and keep the full overview in one software.

This SaaS platform is fundamental in allowing gastronomers to acquire new advertising partners. What's more, they can now efficiently and digitally organize their existing partnerships and advertising spaces via inventory management.