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Retail Media since day 1

Our founder Richy Ugwu is a renowed expert and pioneer in the retail media and trade marketing industry for +10 years.
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Executed retail media and trade marketing for more than 500 brands
Run campaigns from online audience campaigns to offline promotions
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Focus on building sustainable retail media units and businesses
We support from workshops to  intra-preneur projects to ensure best results
We can tap into an amazing network of industry executives in Retail Media, Trade Marketing and commerce in general to help you grow your business

"Wir hatten das Gefühl: Die ticken wie wir. Richy weiß total, wovon er redet. Er denkt extrem kunden- und lösungsorientiert.“

"Ich glaube nicht, dass ein Retailer langfristig nur mit Produkten Geld verdienen kann. Wir haben zu diesem Zweck eine Firma gegründet, die Retail Media Group unter Führung von Richy Ugwu"

"Die hätten keinen besseren als Richy dafür finden können.“


"10 people to follow"




"Top 40 under 40"


"Top 50 Digital-Trendsetter"

Our Values

Building Trust,
Not Pitching.

We firmly believe in building trust, not pitching. We prioritize establishing strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners based on transparency, honesty, and reliability. We strive to understand their needs deeply, provide genuine solutions, and deliver exceptional service, fostering trust at every step of the journey.

Bold Moves,
Big Impact.

We embrace courage and innovation to drive transformative change in our industry. We are not afraid to take calculated risks and challenge the status quo, always aiming to make a significant and positive difference. Our actions speak louder than words, making a lasting impact on our clients, partners, and the world around us.

Building Strong Partnerships.

We understand the power of collaboration and the value it brings to our clients and stakeholders. We foster mutually beneficial relationships based on trust, respect, and open communication. Through our dedicated efforts, we cultivate enduring partnerships that drive shared success and create lasting impact in the industry.

Real Results.

We go beyond promises and strive for tangible outcomes that make a meaningful difference for our clients. Through our expertise, innovative solutions, and relentless dedication, we deliver measurable results that exceed expectations and drive sustainable growth. Our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering real, impactful outcomes.

Our Leadership

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