The unea Story
Meet the team behind the scenes

We are on a mission to empower Revenue professionals (Partnership, Sales, and Marketing teams) to manage B2B partnerships more effectively. We reimagine the way our industry works.

Our story

We are on mission to build a platform for partnerships

Introducing unea, the B2B partnership solution for managing your partnerships, collaborations requests, bookings, and payments - all in one place. Our delightful platform streamlines the process of collaborating with other businesses, making it easy for you to build and maintain successful partnerships.

With unea, you can easily manage your partner network by keeping track of all your partners' contact information, collaboration history, and performance metrics. Our platform also allows you to manage collaborations requests, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to work with a potential partner.

Additionally, unea makes booking and payments a breeze. Our platform allows you to schedule and confirm bookings with your partners, as well as handle all financial transactions in one place. No more juggling multiple invoices and payment methods, unea has got you covered.

Our platform is designed with your business in mind, providing you with the tools you need to grow and succeed. Whether you're a small business just starting out or a large enterprise looking to expand your partner network, unea has the features and functionality you need.

Don't waste any more time managing your partnerships manually. Sign up for unea today and start building better partnerships that drive your business forward. With unea, you'll be able to focus on what really matters, growing your business and creating successful partnerships.

unea slogan "We reimagine the way brands and merchants collaborate.

Get to know our team

Richy Ugwu 


Serial Entrepreneur in the B2B partnerships who built startup ventures for MediaMarktSaturn, METRO, and INTERSPORT

Ulysses Marins


15+ years of experience in tech leadership among other in roles in the unicorn companies Zalando, Forto and Flink


Hannah Oldorf

Head of operations

Former BCG consultant experienced in running large-scale +€30m tech projects in the media industry

Midhun Mohanan

Founding PRoduct Designer

Experienced product designer with strong focus on B2B application and outstanding track record at Delivery Hero and Walmart

Brand partnerships Manager Janina Hiersemann

Janina Hiersemann

HEad of brand partnerships

Established brand partnerships manager, formerly at INTERSPORT Marketing Services and EDITION F GmbH.


Pedro Rodriguez

Frontend developer

Experienced software developer in the startup ecosystem, creating an amazing user experience